Operational Intelligence Analyst

United States Navy
June 2007 to June 2011
Responsibilities completed
  • Analyze multi-source intelligence
  • Identify trends and patterns in target military operations
  • Maintain an all-source intelligence plot
  • Perform Operational Intelligence (OPINTEL) threat assessment
  • Review data for accuracy and reliability of sources
  • Disseminate data through plots, briefings, messages, reports, and publications
  • Provide evaluations and briefings of the current/projected threat within the operational area
  • Conduct all source contact analysis and perform predictive analysis, utilizing identified trends and patterns
  • Plan and direct research into proposed problem-solutions or courses of action to determine feasibility of military planning alternatives
  • Develop plans for predicting such factors as cost and probable success of each alternative according to accepted operations research techniques and mathematical or computer formulations
  • Evaluate results of research and prepare recommendations for implementing or rejecting proposed solutions or plans